WOR Events and Steve Ireland are pleased to announce the launch of a new arm of WOR, The North Wales Trail Riding days special...

Based from WOR HQ in Corwen, the days will run over 2 separate trails , simply called Route 1 & Route 2 ... Each route is 100 miles plus and will cater for all skill sets and levels of rider. A true mix of terrain and trails all linked by nice flowing A and B roads along fanatsic veiws of unreal scenerey make up these two well planned and thought out trail days ..

The days / groups can be tailored to you and your specific needs and Steve will cater for 1 on 1 or groups of upto 7 .. With a wealth of knowledge of the Areas being ridden, a superb infastructre behind the scenes with a back up van and recovery staff, Steve has these days set up and ready to go for you, making sure all angles are covered. An expert level rider with a lot of knowledge of the sport and the pastime of trail riding, Riding Tips and trail / off road advice will always be given by Steve and his Wingman and if you can enjoy the trails and learn abit whilst out and about then thats double the bonus.

Route 1 takes in the longer day of the two routes ride with sweeping trails starting from near the Wayfarer mountains through the Glyn Valley, out towards Oswestry, encompassing the shropshire borders and returning back via Llangollen and the surounding hills and trails. A good allround day in the saddle with varying levels of difficulity along the way that can side swiped or attacked ..depending on the mood of the day and group of riders..

Route 2.. Goes the other way from WOR Hq and takes in the cerrigydrudion mountain ranges before entering the fantasic snowdonia national park area of Betws Y Coed (with a fish and chip lunch) followed by the stunning tracks and trails on the return leg through Capel Curig and then the surroundlng trails and tracks near the Denbigh Moors and Llansanan areas before returning back to base on the edges of the Clogaenog Forest complex. A liitle bit more tarmac work is in route 2 but not too much...Worth it for the stunning scenery ...

All of the trails are tried and trusted , legal routes and WOR insist that all riders must be road legal and be on a road legal machine with the correct size reg plate etc etc . Perfectly planned fuel and food/ coffee stops just add to the smooth flowing feel of the trails and add to the days enjoyment.

A very freindly atmosphere is also very high on the agenda and WOR/ Steve want all the riders to feel non intimidated and relaxed with Customer enjoyment of paramount importance.

You dont need to be on the latest high tech racing or enduro machine either , a good, reliable, legal trail bike is good enough although riders are welcomed on any machine as long as road legal and capable.

Cost is £45 per rider and includes Steve for the day as the guide/ host for a fully guided trail route, back up recovery van, Tips and help along the way.

Some bespoke days will be on offer that will offer jet washing of machines at end of day and a breakfast at start of day ..along with some special Guest days with David Knight, World Enduro Legend popping in to spend the day on the trail and do some special one off's...

The WOR TRAIL DAYS will run all year round every month with mainly Tuesdays / Wednesdays / Thursdays being on offer...

Some weeknd dates will be available and announced in due course ..

Some dates available now are : PLEASE Email. steve@worevents.com and enquire about any days or other days you may fancy and to organise your day / groups.

Details for booking and securing your ride will also be obtained via email with a paypal deposit system.



Many more dates available ... CHECK OUT THE ROUTES ON OFFER BELOW...

Relive 'WOR EVENTS Enduro trail rides Route1- part A. North Wales'


Relive 'WOR EVENTS. Enduro trail ride- North Wales- Route 1- part B'


Relive 'WOR EVENTS enduro trail rides - route 2 cerrig / betws coed etc ..'


Steve looks forward to seeing you out on the trail.....


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