5th May - starts at 10:00

Only 1 week, 4 days, 20 hours, 34 minutes until this event starts!

After rd 1 at the Log Slog back in February  ...Rd 2 of the PROTECT MY INCOME WEC - WOR EXTREME CHAMPIONSHIP 2019 ..Runs at the amazing CLATTER venue in mid wales.. 5TH MAY 2019

A massive 12 mile mountain lap of Extreme Enduro fun.. Expect a hop up of last years classic ..when David Knight battered the Gasgas to the win..

WOR Events are pleased and excited to announce that Entries are now Open for the 2ND round of the “ PMI WEC 2019 ” – The 2nd challenge in the scheduled 6 event series is the “SUOMY HELMETS” Supported “TOUGH ENOUGH” extreme enduro on Sunday May 5th 2019

Aimed at being exactly what it says in title, it’s the response the WOR Events Boss, Steve Ireland, is expecting from the all the riders as they cross the finish line and say in an exhausted tone, “that was Tough Enough!” Maybe with a few expletives thrown in as usual!

A straight  4-hour challenge, running over a genuine 12-mile per lap, of what can only be described as one of, if not the best-Off road enduro venue in the country. A 1500-acre private piece of land with unrivalled, awe inspiring, flowing mountain ranges with terrain that an extreme enduro organiser can only dream of using to create a classic event.

Last years inaugural event was a cracker and Steve and The team will up it a level for this 2nd running of TOUGH ENOUGH ....

For spectators and rider support teams, it will be superb because WOR are basing a huge chunk of the lap in woodlands near the start / finish area, that are off camber, technical and challenging along with utilising a massive stream bed that runs right by the woods, so not far to walk and see some superb action.

The hardy riders will then take on a huge hill climb (think amazing!!! - used a few summers ago on a Sat night special by WOR and one that was so well received by the riders in last years TOUGH ENOUGH) that will lead them on a challenging, climb ascent of the mountain, strewn with bogs and soggy areas, technical rocky outcrops, single track blasts through the gauze bush’s and bracken areas, loads of never used before, gulley’s and trench’s that scatter this vast landscape. Rolling open sections of moorland and grasslands will then make up more miles of fun that will then start the descent back to the loamy woods and slippery rocks of the stream beds, even some cascading waterfall sections will be in the mix to  create a lap worthy of the riders saying “this is TOUGH ENOUGH” each and every time they complete another notch on the lap score board.

The Course will as always be heavily marshalled, but it will only be the help of a fellow rider that can assist riders in any “sticky” situations, making it a true test for all involved … Don’t expect to see any hard bits “cut out” on your next lap…This is Extreme enduro and for 4 hours, the carefully designed and prepped track will challenge each and everyone of the competitors, as well as being achievable and not “stupid hard” thus enabling real racing and true skill and endeavour to prevail for the successful riders.

Suomy Helmets...........This leading name in the WORLD of racing helmets are back as the title sponsor of this special extreme event from WOR and the winner in each and every class of THE SUOMY TOUGH ENOUGH EXTREME ENDURO will receive a brand-new lid from SUOMY’s UK distributor, MRS Ltd. A cracking prize indeed. A massive thankyou to them for coming onboard and supporting this WOR Event with a top-quality product and giving something back to the riders for the 2nd year running..

The winner will be the rider on the most laps in the time duration, all the rest of the competitors will all then be scored with individual class positions and a traditional podium 1st, 2nd 3rd in each group on the day. A gold, silver and Bronze award will then be assigned to the riders completed laps and times within the overall scores.

Entries are open now for this event  via paypal. £80 per rider. 

See you soon from the WOR TEAM….”

Rd 3 PMI WEC - The CF RACING TOUGH 100 - 22/23rd  JUNE 2019

Rd 4 PMI  WEC - The DOGS OF WOR - aug 31/ 1st Sept 2019




Venue Location: Clatter, Powys, SY17 5NW, UK