THE F120 ENDURO ....

21st July - starts at 10:00

Only 14 minutes until this event starts!

THIS EVENT IS NOW STRICTLY FULL AND CLOSED - TO GO ON RESERVE LIST EMAIL  ( If we get any cancellations you will be contacted and offered a place on a first come first served basis - No entries will be issued or refunded after the 17/7/24 wednesday)

So after the massive success of Last years new format F120 big lap enduro at the Mighty Berwyn Leisure Park..we have been inundated with messages from riders that loved it , some saying it was the best lap they have ever ridden and one of the best events they had attended... Some riders where saying how they where gutted they had missed ....So we have at least 6 weeks to go here till 2024 edition... (The big lap, Whole venue is exclusive to WOR Only)

THE  T100/F120 ENDURO ... a massive PURE ENDURO off road loop with EVERYTHING you could wish for thrown in with a 5hrs duration... (IF NOT BACK IN TO LAP CONTROL AND THE BLACK  & WHITE FLAG BY THE CUT OFF 30 mins after the flag - RETIRE WHERE YOU ARE ..COURSE MARSHALS WILL BRING YOU BACK and you will be scored where you where before you set off for last lap.

THE 12-13 yrs group & THE 14-15yrs group WILL DO A SMALLER TRACK & DURATION... They will have a 2.5hr cut off. 

10 laps of 12 mile lap ..120mile.. 9 laps ..108 miles and so on..

10 laps = GOLD 

9 laps = SILVER 

8 laps = BRONZE

7 laps = IRON

6 Laps = WOOD

5 Laps = FINISH ..

BERWYN LESUIRE OR TYN TWYLL.. Whatever you know it as ..It's always a FANTASTIC off road enduro loop. We are visiting for the 1st time this year with  ENDURO PLAYDAY SATURDAY and THE f120 ENDURO on the sunday..


12 MILES a lap, consisting of the,very rider freindly (not scary) MX track linked together by a host of rolling grass fields,old wooded sections, Farm tracks and sheep trails's PURE ENDURO ...

Steve Ireland and the WOR team has a near 25 years asscoisiation with this venue and knows it well after having raced there himself and also staged some mahoosive events there too... Expect a cracking ride... 

The paddock is top notch and ideal for camping and rider base for the day or the entire weekend.

Venue Location: LL20 7LH

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