2024 Prices and fees etc

To make things simple, here is our Price

To enter ENDURO Playdays / Events and races simply do it online http://www.worevents.com/events for the event of your choice ...

Dead easy...just pre-book online with all your details.

  • £60 ALL WES RACES - Non registered riders for all Hare and Hounds Enduro's
  • £50 ALL RACES for 2024 WOR registered/ MEMBERS riders for Hare & Hounds Enduro / membership expires 31st Oct 24.
  • QUADS ALL £70
  • RED PLAYDAYS' are £50 adults and £30 under 13's. £40 for Registered MEMBER Riders 
  • Kids races £45.. £35 to members 
  • Kids AUTO races Are £. 40£30 to members 
  • DAY OR LATE entries carry a £10 surcharge - Make sure you book in..
  • 2024 MEMBERSHIP IS NOW CLOSED TILL 1st Nov 2024 for the 2025 season.
  • NB .. special one-off Races and Xtreme Enduros Like TOLB/ LOG SLOG / SUCKER PUNCH ETC and Traditional TIME CARDS ETC  are run under a different price scale and will be individually priced and announced individually.

    A NORA MOTORSPORT Licence HAS TO BE IN PLACE to take part in ANY of our events, Playday's or Practice and Race Day..it is ..

  • £5 forA PLAYDAY- DAY LICENCE A full year NORA PLAY LICENCE IS £25 (available from nora website only)

  • £10 FOR A RACE DAY LICENCE - full Nora licence for year is £55.. or £90 with personal acc cover inc.

  • THE FULL LICENCE IS ONLY AVAILABLE FROM NORA DIRECT ON THEIR WEBSITE:https://nora92.com/product/nora-motorsport/

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