2022 Prices and fees etc

To make things simple, here is our Price list for 2022:

To enter RED Playdays / Club Events and races simply do it online http://www.worevents.com/events for the event of your choice ...

Dead easy...just pre-book online with all your details.

  • £60 Non registered riders for all Hare Scrambles / Hare and Hounds/ 
  • £50 for 2021 WOR registered/ MEMBERS riders for Hare Scrambles / Hare & Hounds
  • Playdays are £50 adults and £25 under 14's. £40 for Registered MEMBER Riders 
  • Kids races £40 - No memberships option or needed for kids.
  • Private Trail rides and training/off-road days groups minimum 6 / max 10.  Please enquire to info@worevents.com
  • 2022 wor rider memberships are now closed- 2023 membership will open on 1st Dec 2022 - HOWEVER YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A MEMBER TO RIDE WITH US. - NON MEMBERS MOST WELCOME.

NB .. special one-off Races and EXTREME Enduros / ONE-OFF  TIME CARDS ETC  are run under a different price scale and will be individually priced and announced individually.

An IOPD Licence to take part in any of our events Playday's or Practice days through to our Race series for the year, with IOPD, is compulsory.

£15 for day or £25 for the year (expires on 31st December 2022) ..These are available onsite at the event signing on at all WOR Events.

2022 LICENCES in stock at all events now...

2022 IOPD /WOR licence app - https://worevents.com/images/uploads/general/iopd_22_lic_app.pdf

PLEASE DOWNLOAD AND PRINT OFF / FILL IN BEFORE YOU COME TO EVENT... and BRING WITH YOU TO  get your 2022 licence from us at any WOR Events sign-on...

FORM HERE: https://worevents.com/images/uploads/general/iopd_22_lic_app.pdf

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