New Customer Help - What is a Playday

The PLAY DAY day is a real fun affair... SOLOS ONLY - NO QUADS

There is no "race day" pressure and we hope riders do not feel intimidated as the PLAYDAY events are planned at having fun and learn a bit in a friendly and safe environment. The PLAYDAY offers riders plenty of unrestricted bike time, advice from our very experienced crew and the opportunity to take part in the fun/intro 1hr "race".

Kicking off at 10am the riders get unlimited practice on the enduro/hare scrambles course (we have a different venue for every event) ..

Riders can go back and forth to their vehicle at their own one is pressured to do anything.

The open practice session from will have our experienced team on hand, floating around on bikes giving riders tips/advice/help etc...Any one in an orange wor staff hi viz bib is there to help!!

Then at 3 pm (2PM IN WINTER) is the PLAYDAY 1 hr race, a small duration event that eases and introduces riders into the 2hr/3hr/4hr races that we promote. The one hour race is also a great opportunity to put into practice the knowledge of the course you have learned from the morning practice session.

The 1 hr race has a start flag, chequered flag, results and is generally enjoyed by all that take part. The friendly fun environment helps.

You just need yourself /bike/safety gear/fuel!!

Film about the playdays and the old name RED's  here