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And so, getting ahead for your riding info for next year, here is a full list of Steve Ireland's WOR Events schedule of Enduro Playdays (EPD) and the two big WOR Championships that will run in 2019. 

The main series being the WOR ENDURO SERIES (WES) 2019 In association with all the big sponsors and supporters onboard for next year.

The Calendar has been tidied and made very neat with a realistic 2 events a month schedule for most of the year.

There will be the stand-alone Extreme Events that will once again form the 6 rd Extreme Enduro series..."WEC" WOR EXTREME CHAMPIONSHIP…. Starting with the World famous TOUGH ONE on Sunday 13th January 2019 at NANTMAWR QUARRY… finishing off with The SUCKER PUNCH Classic on October 27th…

And then there will be the big 10 round WOR Enduro Series ..The main championship of the year …the WES - All the best venues, New classes, catering for kids and adults, Tiny Warriors, Auto’s, Solo’s and Quads.

Steve Ireland’s WOR ES will run a new format of weekend …from March through to September with this schedule on the WES’s 10 events.

Saturday’s: 8.30am till 9.30am THE TINY WARRIOR ENDURO SESSIONS

Saturday’s: 9.30am till 2.30pm THE ENDURO PLAYDAYS (Simple playtime and fun event) (10am till 4pm when not on a WOR ES weekend.)

Saturday’s: 3pm till 5.30PM THE WES  FOR QUADS 2.5hr races – 10 rds / best 9 to count. No wildcard!!

Then on Sundays.

8.30am to 9.30am:  THE WOR ENDURO SERIES AUTO’s and 50’s under 7’s series, 10 rds of 1hr races …

10am till 11.30 am:   THE WES KIDS CHAMPIONSHIP  10 rounds of 1.5HR races for 4 classes ..7/8’s, 9/10’s , 11/12’s , 13/14’s. max cc 125. 9 to count, no wildcard.

12.30pm till 3pm THE WES ADULTS RACES .. 10 rounds of 2.5hr Races. 9 to count – No wildcard.

A much neater and comprehensive series and schedule to look forward to for all the WOR riders and Racers.

Rider registration and Memberships open on Nov 1st 2018 along with more details / venues / etc.

Steve will endeavour to keep these dates as set in stone as possible ...Extra non championship events may appear / new venue specials.

Click here for the 2019 DATES : https://worevents.com/images/uploads/general/2019_WOR_DATES.pdf

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