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Finally WESS 24 kicks off…what a weekend

8 April 2024 by 002

At last...WOR Enduro managed to blast off the 2024 campaign...After what seems months of delay, A fantastic weekend of off road, Dirtbike fun and racing took place.

From little Auto Tiny Warriors through to hardened Expert level riders ..There was a race and action for everyone.

The overnight weather on Saturday night was nothing short of biblical and made the Sunday a Tough one for all involved, The organisers did their level best to take on the conditions and make the best of it.  The priority was to get rd 1 done as the horrific weather so far endured in 24 has been a nightmare.

Saturdays activities with the Tiny Warriors was run in thankfully much kinder weather and a 30 plus line up of the Tiny Warriors made for a fantastic event. 

The Sunday hosted two races with a very healthy turn out in both races, despite the weather and the conditions, all riders battled and put in superb performances to complete the challenges and smash out the laps.

The stand out performances of the weekend witrh winning rides Where Tomi Huw Roberts in the Autos, Selbie Crump in the Juniors and Shaun Buchan in the Adults, Race Boss Steve Ireland will do a Race Wrap up video for social media later and shout out all the guys and Girls that made a big impression over the weekend.

For now..Thats Rd 1 outta the way ...We move onto rd 2 THIS COMING WEEKEND at MAESHAFN..Enter HERE PLEASE https://worevents.com/events/

Get entered folks ..its looking good for all...

As always the brilliant DOC WARD PICS HERE:http://www.doc-photography.com/Events/2024-events/Wess-Rd1

Lap Times by Enduro Master , These are NOT RESULTS and may contain errors. THEY ARE ONLY THE RAW DATA UNFINISHED FILES 





ADULTS FULL RESULTS rd1:https://worevents.com/images/uploads/general/FULL_FINAL_WESS_RD_1_24_ADULTS_RESULTS.xlsx

KIDS RESULTS Rd 1 :https://worevents.com/images/uploads/general/KIDS_CONEY_WESS_RD_24_FULL_RESULTS.xlsx

TINY WARRIOR WARM UP RESULTS:https://worevents.com/images/uploads/general/WOR_ENDURO_TINY_WARRIOR_WARM_UP_RACE_.xlsx

A massive thanks to all involved from Land owners to medics, caterers and spares, Day Volunteer's and the Fulltime Staff ..

Onwards now for the season... It feels great to be finally up and running...