17 May 2021 by 002

What a fantastic weekend at MAESHAFN..Truly an iconic and wonderful Enduro venue...

A massive turn out faced the sloppy conditions as a return to Welsh off roading was just the job and provided another proper hare n hounds enduro track and event as it has done so many times for Steve and his team over the last 25 Years.

All the riders did fantastic.. from the little Autos through to the unstoppable Gethin Humphreys who claimed his 4th Aled Evans Memorial sheild victory.

Massive Thanks goes to the Landowners and of course the staff, whom withoiut, these well oiled, military run, clockwork events simply would not happen.

Medics, Caterers, Traders and of course the best off road photographer in the business, Doc Ward..make the weekend even better. 

Docs superb pics here

Full video race report from Race Boss Steve Ireland ..hjere very soon and on the WOR social media outlets like Facebook.


Auto Laps:

Junior Race Laps:

Adult Race Laps: