6 December 2018 by 002

WOR Events are very pleased and excited to announce, in conjunction with our working partner, BIKE.INDUSTRIES, the launch of the new WOR Events Merchandise dept, providing WOR Branded Clothing and Bike Decals.

Bike Industries use only high end, quality materials, garments and products to produce their goodies and cool paddock clothing and bike adornment.

The Decal kits are superb and a set was recently fitted to Steve's 2019 GasGas . They look and feel top quality, they were easy to fit and have withstood a good couple of jet washes (and crashes heheh!!) ..Big plus points to any set of Bike Graphics!!!!!... They are available for most bikes and you can simply order online and add in your Name and personal Bike rider Number to make them stand out as your own personal WOR Events Decals...Super cool!

WOR Events Hoodies, T shirts, hats etc are now also good to go.... These are superb items of casual wear that are subtly branded with both the WOR logo and the BIKE IND logo ...Not cheap, ill-fitting items like so often available... These are what you want...

The Clothing is available in adult and youth sizes and again is super simple to order online direct from BIKE INDUSTRIES with the option of your name and riding number being added to the clothing....

Riders and Racers of WOR have been waiting for these products and an easy way of ordering them, for a long time now, and finally it's here!! and just in time for Christmas...

Waste no time in ordering ...simply visit :


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