on hold but 2020 RED and WES WILL HAPPEN

27 March 2020 by 002

Hi Riders and Racers ALL EVENTS ARE NOW ON HOLD DUE TO COVID -19 - As soon as we can start the season we will do with A BANG and get the REDS & WOR Enduro Series (WES2020) up and running ..

A new schedule of dates will come out ..WE WILL get going with the series... New race durtion..new race classes ..etc etc

I now ask Could all the riders that have sent the Pre Payment for baden hall ..Please do one last email to sort out their refund in next 72 hrs

PLEASE EMAIL Entries@worevents.com with subject title REFUND Please put in your email .. the Sort code ... Acc # and account name and the Date of event entered and amount paid..

PLEASE DO THE EMAIL FOR REFUND BY WEDNESDAY 25th MARCH 2020 - After this date and Admin will not be working and the refund will be lost...!!! Admin will work through the refunds this week straight away....there are over 300 to do so please be patient.

Without this full info your Refund will be on hold ...so please send the correct email information.

For now ..Love all Kindest Regards Steve and the team..