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“Baden’s Best Yet”

“The WES rd 7 by WOR Events took place last Weekend at the clubs unique Baden Hall Venue in Staffordshire. After a month without an event due to the recent rain and flooding , WOR Events Boss Steve Ireland made sure the remit was a course that was fast and flowing with a return to the open spaces and minimum tight stuff that allowed the riders to enjoy the flow of the venue and still utilise all of the woods and the surrounding scrub lands, old building sections and even tarmac runways that this superb old MOD bomb factory offers. It was to be a very enjoyable and fun track as well as being challenging and the reworked 4-mile lap offered all the riders a superb weekends action on their dirt bikes. The post event feedback from lots of riders to the Clerk of the Course was the “best Baden to date” and that’s a fair shout after nearly 15 years at the iconic venue.

The 2019 WES series really is a superb championship with a friendly, family orientated atmosphere and vibe that offers classes for all solo riders, from Tiny youth Auto’s through to the whole range of kids ages and then the complete spectrum of Adult solo classes. 4 separate events took place on the Sunday starting with the Tiny Warriors and culminating with the Adults main race and over 300 riders catered for in the entire weekend. The weather was kind and the dry humid conditions where a welcome relief from the weeks of rain the country had just suffered, no one was going to complain about the Dust that appeared as that meant the racing would be fast and furious.

Kicking off the day on a small neat, woods and field track of around 1.5 miles was the Auto Race and it was Young Curtis Mealham from Kent that was the man to beat in this race. Curtis was on a mission from Start to finish and he blasted away to complete 19 laps and take the win from Runner Up, Jack Maudsley by almost a clear two-minute margin. Matching the top two riders on 19 laps was and taking the final podium place was Harlie Tebay with a superb ride to gain some valuable championship points. Series leader and front runner, Ceri Williams will want to forget this race as a first lap, big big crash ended his race early and dented his points tally but the main thing was the young West Wales based rider was ok after being checked out at the local hospital and is in fact ready and raring for the next round of the series.

11am and the main Kids race started with a massive line up of kids ready to do battle. It’s great to see that these kids races at WOR have now more than quadrupled in numbers from the lull of a few years ago and the future generations of riders and racers are all set ready to go and growing in numbers by the month. Steve Ireland felt confident enough to allow the kids to enjoy, learn and develop on the full 4-mile adult loop and in doing so made a lot of kids smile and ride one of the best courses so far for them.

Travelling all the way down from Newcastle Upon Tyne was well worth it for Brandon Burns as he put in a brilliant ride on his lucky number “13” machine to blast to a start to finish winning ride. Burns had a great battle early on with Ryan Maudsley but eventually gapped the improving Maudsley by 1 minute and 23 seconds come the end of their 1.5hr race. Third spot in the 13/14-year-old group went to Billy Austin whom struggled through the fast and demanding track with some badly smashed up fingers but still was determined enough to make the podium and gain some very valuable championship points.

Lewis Hurdsman was the man to beat in the 11/12years group and he put in another simply fantastic ride to secure the not only the class win but a superb 2nd place overall in the entire race. Hurdsman won his class by 2 minutes and 35 seconds and was less than a minute off catching Brandon Burns at the front of the race so again a very well done there to that young man. Runner Up in the 11/12 group was the always fast and consistent Jayden Westcott with Josh Knight in 3rd spot. Both Westcott and Knight matching the top two riders 8 laps each in the race duration.

In the 9/10 group Jayden Jones again put in a simply amazing performance as he battled his little 65 to a superb 8 laps win in class and a brilliant 5th Overall. Jones was superb to watch as he smashed the natural jumps and whoops and made light work of the wood’s sections. Runner Up was the always consistent and fast, Will Barnett. Will looking good for his Silver placing and 7 laps. 3rd in the class went to the hard charging Tomos Jones again on 7 laps.

The 7/8s was topped by Daniel Rosborough and after an on the day class confusion and the wrong classification for the youngster it was the 6 laps of Rosborough that came out on top from Runner Up, Gruff Morgan with Jack Brooks in 3rd. (the age group classes will have an overlap where a 9 year old ends up riding in the 7/8’s mid championship due to the birthdays etc.. and after rechecking the rules and regs it was found legal for Rosborough to be in that group with 3 rds to go). The top 3 in this group all completed 6 laps.

At 12.45pm the trophy presentation for all the kid’s races took place and was well attended by all the parents and kids and results where instantly presented along with the laps and info.

As advertised and bang on 1pm the W-E-S rd 7 for adults took to the line for a 2hr Hare Scramble race that had a prime track waiting for the riders. Off went the Experts on the drop of Steve Ireland’s union Jack flag and into the distance blasted the first group of riders.

8 Rows of riders started and first man back to the event lap control area was the number 1 machine of Owain Humphreys as he blasted his 350f to a start to finish race commanding ride that was simply unstoppable. Humphreys was passing riders in places in the woods that you would not believe, and his smooth, super quick style was very impressive to say the least. Humphreys was unchallenged at the helm of the event and after a gap of riding due to injury, work and a couple of cancelled events it was good to see him back at the WOR Events races. Runner up in the Expert class was Matt Silvester going well on his Yamaha and pushing Connor Bolsover into 3rd spot. Bolsover was a victim of a rule break at race control, overtaking and rider and not stopping in the designated area and in doing so it resulted him having a lap taken off him as warned on the start line to all riders by the Clerk of the Course. A lesson learnt there for any rider that breaks the rules.

Tim Forman on his trusty Beta was Top Expert Vet and indeed was the Runner Up overall on the day as he basted to 13 laps and took a 59 second advantage over the always hard charging Lincoln Brewster in the Runner up spot. At nearly 50 Lincoln is still doing enough to be in the Top 3 overall at a WOR event, going great as always. 3rd place Exp Vet and a superb 4th overall was Darren Skillin as he was on 13 laps but 5 and a half minutes adrift of Brewster in the class rankings. Expert B is a class that is surviving by the skin of its teeth, with only 3 riders in it and two finishers it was Paul Engerlen as the Winner with Liam Belfield in the Runners up spot. These two guys are too good for Clubman and mid pack in the Experts and its very hard to find a class for them, in the old days it would be get in the Experts and get quicker, that may soon be the case for the Expert B’s.

Young Sion Hughes again topped the Clubman class as he pipped the hard charging Ieuan Brooks by 46 seconds after the end of 2 hours plus of hard-edged racing. Third spot going to a very well-deserved Thomas Lawton whom was on the best form he ever been on, simply riding like the wind and flowing through the terrain and its tracks through the woods smoothly and swiftly. 12 laps were the winning score for the top 4 Clubman riders.

Jason Clarke was top man in the Over 40 class as he rode swiftly and clean to fend off Runner Up, Kieran Jordan and Darryl Mead. Jordan was on 12 laps matching Clarke with Mead on 11 laps.

Chris Wagstaff was the main man in the Over 50 class topping the group by 3 minutes and 23 seconds from Runner Up, the ever green 60-year-old, Colin Griffiths with Simon Nutter in a comfortable 3rd spot. All 3 riders completing 12 las each.

A very Youthful podium was to be seen as Fred Baily won a hotly contested Sportsman class from Hayden Rainford by less than a minute after some close lap times and racing laps. 3rd spot was Max Elledge’s with all 3 riders completing a solid 12 laps each to their credit.

The Ladies class had Izzy Skillin in a superb 3 minute advantage over Runner Up Lola Stacey-Jones and 3rd placed Annabelle Brewster ..all 3 girls doing superb with 10 laps each to their name.

Top Youth Rider was Sam Hughes again as he rode to 11 laps and held off the challenge of Frank Skillin in second place and Cameron Games in 3rd place with all 3 on a very good 11 lap score.

The novice group rounds out the class results with a win for James Akehurst with Arnoldas Nauseda in the Runner Up spot and Darren Stephenson in 3rd place.

The event ran superbly and the atmosphere was once again unbeatable around the paddock, its easy to see why WOR Events have such a good following as they are unrivalled in terms of venues, numbers of qualified and skilled marshals, longevity in the organising of the sport and general first class events that are put on every two weeks for the riders and racers to enjoy. 

RESULTS :https://worevents.com/images/uploads/general/WES_RD_7_RESULTS_FULL.pdf

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