WES RD 8 Wrap up….

16 July 2019 by 002


OWAIN HUMPHREYS BLASTED HIS CF RACING HUSKY FE 350 to the overall win in a superb race last weekend at WES rd 8. The WOR's amazing Clatter mountainside did not dissapoint with a stunning 8 mile lap of enduro/ hare and hounds / cross country heaven.

Gethin Humphreys on his GASGAS 300 was an unhappy Runner Up as his older brother had the better of him this time... The Husky's 4 stroke power having the edge over this massive mountain course...

Lincolin Brewster won the Expert Vets and was a fantastic 3rd overall...getting faster and fatser again as he fast approaches 50!! 

Sion Jones was the only finisher and winner in the Expert B group..

Iuean Brooks dominated the Clubman class with some super valuable points and a class ride...

Gary McCoy made the long trip up from Devon and was unstoppable in the Over 50's.. Stamping his authority right from the start...

Jason Clarke kept on dominating that Over 40 group with more valuable points and the class win the series looming closer..

Young Hayden Rainford once again took the Sportsman class.. Not bad for a 13 year old...

Sam Hughes was the rider to beat again in the Youth class as blasted the buzzing 125 ktm to the win..

Former British LADIES ENDURO CHAMP... Glesni Jones was top lady and went further in her quest to get back from injury and build her confidence back up on the bike..

Richard Jones topped the Novices with a solid ride...

The Event ran like clockwork with a superb atmosphere as always and with gorgeous weather to boot it was a cracking weekend had by all...



A new take on the race report this week... Over 50's rider, Stuart Rutter always writes a comedic wrap up of his race ...it goes on facebook and is always a good read ...so we have put it up here this week... Nice one Stuart...

WOR EVENTS WES Championship Round 8 - 'The Hills have Eyes' - and now have my Bo**ocks as well ! ��

A bright dry Sunday morning provided the usual sense of misguided optimism as we arrived in the Welsh hills of Clatter, (Powys) for round 8. This time I’d brought my brother Martin (hereby referred to as The Prof - because he is one ��‍�� !) and Sam who has the misfortune of working for me at E-Scape ��. The Prof hasn’t been out on his bike for 6 months due to saving lives via the NHS, so I thought it was time he put his own health at risk for a change and do an Enduro !.��

As we were getting ready by the van, I noticed that ‘The Prof’ was putting on two pairs of underpants �� - the outer pair (thick, white and high waisted !) looked like something our late father would have discarded !. I’m sure there was a scientific explanation but it turns out that the first underpant layer is for containing the ‘MANdibles’ and the second is to contain the Cricket box he wears that aims to protect his already contained MANdibles. Genius ! . . . .but 2.5 hours of hard-riding whilst double-underpanted AND boxed would probably cook his conkers into a permanently sterile state by the end - but with 3 kids already, he didn’t seem bothered ! A Sterilisation process without calling on NHS resources - he's even doing research on his day off !��

Steve Ireland dropped the start flag for the 2.5 hour Adult Race, and I’m doing my normal 'back of the pack' position on my Husky 125. However, I was glad I brought The Prof as it was nice to have someone riding steady behind me for once ��. We’re straight into some single track woods with a very steep descent at the end followed by a sharp right hand turn. I hit the wet bottom of that steep slope way too hot and my front wheel found a perfect ‘wheel-shaped' muddy slot to lock itself solidly into - the result being; my bike stopped dead, my body didn't ! So’ I’m over the bars and off the bike within the first 2 minutes of the race ! Cursing and swearing, I pick the bike up and hop back on - only to see The Prof alongside me by this point, slightly smirking and enjoying my humiliating dismount. I fire up my Husky again and I’m off, determined to get past The Prof and trying to catch the rest of my Group who by now are just a distant trail of dust.

The superb ‘Welsh Hills’ course of 8 miles was clearly marked at each mile stage with each mile-long section seeming to have its own character. Some were fast and zero-visibility dusty fire roads, others were mainly fast and very bumpy / rocky hills and moorland . . . terrain that gave the arms, legs and 'bottom' a relentless pounding ��. The 6 Mile stage of the lap took riders to the top of a hill and then a sharp descent with a sweaty bog waiting right at the bottom - merde ! . We had been warned about 'The Bog' and were told that keeping the throttle pinned would get us across, . .well . . . erm�� . . .NOPE ! Attempt one on the first lap had me stuck half-way across but a very obliging WOR man was on hand to help pull me through - still pinning the throttle all the way across but absolutely zero traction. Finally out of the bog, I completed lap one after going through the final mile which for me felt like the worst bit. It was almost all downhill but mogul hills all the way that pounded the shoulders and arms mercilessly. I was glad I’d doubled up on my palm-protectors and not my underpants !

Lap two and I’m trying to learn the course now, but 'The Bog' was playing on my mind �� and not looking forward to seeing it again. As I approached it for the second time, I tried to get a proper elevated look at it as I descended into its misery. Expert riders were now getting stuck so I was even more apprehensive. But I also noticed that quite a crowd of public spectators had gathered around ’The Bog’. Clearly they’d heard that THIS was an entertaining place to come, crack open a beer, and laugh mercilessly at plebs like me getting stuck. The friendly WOR man was no longer to be seen either so no help this time. . . .double merde !.

I looked to the edge of the bog and it was thickly overgrown with marsh grass that I thought might give me some firmer ground and grip to ride through . . . erm . .NOPE again ! I charged in, full throttle and came to a sudden stop in a blamange of soppy wet mud and grass. Back wheel still spinning, but slowly and surely I dropped sideways as my left foot just sunk down into a watery bottomless hole and I was finally on my arse, with the bike trapping my leg . . . .the growing crowd now looking on in pitiful head-shaking mockery. Boots and arse now full of water, I got back on the bike, kicked it into life and then had to rev and push it to the other side of the bog, sweating and cursing all the way - with no attempt of help from my critical on-lookers. This pesky bog was going to totally ruin my day if I couldn’t find a clean line through it !����.

Lap 3 and I get to the bog section again. This time there is a man with a long stick pointing to a water-filled line through - it had perhaps proven to offer some firmness and grip for other riders. It did cross my mind he could just be taking the piss and was dropping me into the wettest, deepest bottomless rut in the bog, just so him and his mates could have another rib-cracking giggle at my expense ��. I took a chance, dropped down deep and pinned it through ! - YES !. I almost got off the bike and kissed the stick guy on all four cheeks - but I had another 1.5 hours of riding to crack on with so had to keep my emotions in check !

With ‘The Bog’ in the bag, and knowing I could use that line through for the remaining laps, the next 1.5 hours were a bit more relaxed. However, it was still punishing as the track became even more smashed by the 100+ riders and the pounding on the arms and legs was just never-ending. Riders were having some big ‘offs’ and keeping my limbs in one piece became a priority. On lap 3, I saw a despondent looking Sam at the side of the track - I shouted ‘you alright ?’ as I went past, (with no intention of stopping of course) �� and the shake of his head said it all - his bike's piston had seized and that was his race over ! ☹️

Onto lap 5, and my back (an old nerve problem) went ‘ping’ and standing up became very painful so had to sit more than I wanted . . . .and my Crown Jewels took the relentless pounding instead ! I’m sure they are still rolling down those bloody Welsh hills somewhere . . I definitely haven’t seen them since Sunday !��

After 7 laps (and 56 miles of constant pounding) I was glad to see Harvey and his chequered flag ��, and alongside was Steve congratulating our efforts and mistaking the sweat running out of the bottom of my goggles for tears - he knows me so well ! Also, waiting for me on the finish line was The Prof who did a very respectable 5 laps but then, after all that, proceeded to drop his bike in the river crossing on the way back to the van ! ��‍��

Back at the van in the parking area, I had a quick chat with WOR legend Lincoln Brewster who also found it a tough course, with blisters on his hands to prove it - though he was going at probably twice my pace !�� But somewhat re-assuring to know that even the Experts found it hard going.

It was yet another cracking event from WOR EVENTS ����. The WES series so far has been a brilliant mix of Hare and Hound venues that challenge every rider no matter what level they compete at. I’m looking forward to the next round 9 and hopefully I’ll have 'grown a pair’ (a replacement set) by the time that comes around �� Stay tuned.

RESULTS : https://worevents.com/images/uploads/general/WES_ADULTS_RD_8.xlsx

LAPS : https://worevents.com/images/uploads/general/wes_8_laps.htm