WOR where back in the forest last weekend ..Results wrap here

31 October 2023 by 002

A magnificent course and a brilliant return to the WOR Enduro Sport Forest complex in North Wales was a superb weekend last sat & sun as all that attended had a great day out in the superb enduro woodlands.

This is a venue and network of trails that have been honed and polished by Steve Ireland and his Trusty team over the last 20 years and the events put on there by WOR never fail to satisfy.

Sundays Races, where as expected, ran neatly and professionally with a smooth transition from the 9am Kids 1.5hr, 4 mile lap...To the Adults 2.5hr, 8 mile , 11:30am start race...

A steady turn out (still too many booking then not showing!!!) made for great racing throughout ..

Top riders on the day were Sonny Ireland with an overall in the Youth Race and a Brilliant Return to WOR for Gethin Humphreys as he taught the adults an Enduro Lesson with a stand out win.

There where lots of stand out rides through out the classes and WOR RACE BOSS Steve will be putting out a Results wrap up video later today on social media ..calling out all the ones that deserve those paludits ..and there where lots...

All in all then another great weekend for WOR ENDURO SPORT and its followers, Riders of the playdayts and racers of the championships...All done with a friendly vibe and a venue that will certainly bring more riders back over these next few winter months,,,

DOC WARD PHOTOS As always brilliant ..Please support DOC.. Do not use the watermarked Pics..Get a real one from him..(like buying him a coffee!!) http://www.doc-photography.com/Events/2023-Events/Winter-rd1-bala

ADULT RACE LAPS - THESE ARE NOT RESULTS :https://worevents.com/images/uploads/general/laps_winter1_ds.htm

KIDS RACE LAPS RESULTS- THESE ARE NOT RESULTS:https://worevents.com/images/uploads/general/kids_lps_rd_1.htm

ADULT FULL RESULTS:https://worevents.com/images/uploads/general/wor_winter_wulf_rd_1_full_adultres.xlsx

KIDS FULL RESULTS:https://worevents.com/images/uploads/general/wor_enduro_winterwulfsportrd1_kids.xlsx

A big shout out as always to the real folk of enduro that week in week out make these events happen.. Staff.. Medics, caterers, land owners, trade, but most of all ...THE RIDERS for supporting the events.

WOR 2024 memberships open to the public ( open at moment to just current 23 members to renew) on Monday 6th Nov .

Nora 2024 licences available from 1st Nov ...

all INFO ON WOR ENDURO SPORT SOCIAL's or of course the www.worevents.com website