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SUNDAY 16th AUGUST 2020.


Lee Sampson on his Eurotek KTM 300 was the Toughest and fastest rider last weekend as the WOR Events MICHELIN TOUGH 100 really lived up to its name as the vicious welsh terrain and weather battered the 180 riders into submission with lots not making 1 complete circuit and lots only just finishing the event on minimal laps.

Race Director and creator Steve Ireland had his fantastic and vast team fully behind him and they managed to take on and win, not only the elements but the added pressure of a full Police and authority presence throughout the 2 day / 500 rider spectacle in the recent climate of Covid 19 and all the pressures and strains that is putting on society. The event as expected when run by Steve and the crew was military and bullet proof with safety and sensibility always at the forefront.

The Track was brutal , over 11 and a half miles a lap of gnarly, off camber, bumpy, boggy, massive hills and descents, stream crossings, rocky lanes etc, you name it this course had it and waking up to rain and deep mist was just going to make this event even more of a challenge for all involved. Steve Ireland made the decision to cut the goal from 10 laps to 7 laps for a Gold finish as he watched the leading rider for the first hour, Gethin Humphreys, looking quick and smooth on his CF Racing 300 Husky, take well over an hour to complete his first two laps. Disaster struck for Gethin on lap 3 as his shock bolt sheered and left him with a poorly bike, he had to fix in the paddock as quick as he could. Never far behind Humphreys was the super smooth and almost effortless riding of Lee Sampson. Sampson, 32 from Sheffield is a very talented rider that has been around the scene a while and has great trials ability as well as enduro skills, some injuries and bike problems in the past have hampered him but not at the T100. At the leading rider near the two hour duration mark of the event, the course director had the brilliant plan of opening up the MICHELIN MOUNTAIN” hill climb, a massive hill that if achieved would save the rider a huge 3 mile chunk of the unforgiving and strength zapping course. Sampson was first man there just before 2 hours, his KTM 300 sailed to the top quite amazingly really as he stayed feet up and just blasted with total aggression to the top of the mountain. Humphreys arrived at the Hill with a fixed Husky but could not quite match the speed and skill of Sampson to the top as he was helped by his committed non riding brother, Owain halfway up to reach the top. Similar story next lap as Sampson again was king of the hill as he blasted almost effortlessly to the top, other riders tried in the droves but only actually about 8 riders made the hill saving during the event and a lot of them had to do a zig zag pattern and some serious balance and crawling skills to make it up.

Finishing on Gold as the ultimate rider, Sampson finished and eventual 9 minutes up on the ever-committed Humphreys with Colwyn Bay KTM supported Rider, Harry Houghton putting in some fantastic laps after a bad first lap to secure 3rd place. Gold riders where all on 7 laps and all did fantastic with special mentions for Aled Humphreys, Connor Bollsover, Brodie Heyes , Sam Hughes and Sheldon Seal.

Lee Meredith was top Clubman with a stunning 7 lap gold finish from James Francis in 2nd spot (James did 7 but was out of time to have it counted) and Scott Harris in third place on 6 laps. The top 10 clubman on Silver 6 laps finishes.

GASGAS legend John Shirt was the top Vets A rider managing a Gold 7. The veteran rider that has been ans still is one hell of a rider looked like he had been in the ring at the Sucker Punch with Mike Tyson rather than the T100 at the end but he was made up with his results as two other off road legends, Andy Edwards and Tim Forman followed Shirt home on 6 laps finishes for silvers.

Devon’s Evergreen Gary McCoy never fails and in the over 50’s he scored, yes you guessed it..a Gold 7, Simply brilliant from the likeable always smiling 50+ rider. Runner Up Over 50 on a Bronze 5 lap score was the over 60 Rider, Dave Knaggs. Again, brilliant at that age completing this kind of event. Simon nutter was unofficially the fastest 3rd rider but dnf leaving Martin Wells in 3rd on 4 laps.

Nigel Lynn won the Over 40B group with 4 laps ..his 5th missed being counted, by an official 2 minutes from Runner Up Mark Mealham. Lee Hutsby was 3rd with 4 laps.

Jord Garner was on a Bronze as the winner in the Sportsman with a 14-minute advantage over Runner Up, Neil Strong. Strong also on a 5 laps Bronze finish rode well ahead of 3rd placed 4 laps finisher, Dan Walker.

Ryan Swain was a Bronze winner in the Novice Extreme class with Chris Guest and Sam Titchmarch in a fully deserved 3rd spot on 4 laps.

To sum it up.. This is now one of the Number 1 Extreme Enduro’s in the UK, just like its sibling / spin off event, the Original TOUGH ONE.. The thought, planning, prep and execution and presentation of these events is nothing short of brilliant and the entire WOR Events team need a massive pat on the back.

Up against all odds they pulled this off….

The authority officials where happy, Police where happy, the Landowners where happy and the riders knew they had just done what they had entered and what it said on the Tin. THE MICHELIN T100 EXTREME ENDURO…. It does not get tougher in the UK.



On Saturday night a short but brilliant little track was put on for an hour-long AUTO’s race. The course was a true mini enduro lap with a stream crossing, banks, hills, mx track, some trees and was watchable all from one place for the parents.

Starting at 4.30 pm …Jack Forman lived up to his Number 1 plate as he took a narrow 10 second win from Runner Up Jesse James with Mason Mcardle a minute behind in third place ..All 3 riders did a brilliant 38 laps of the mini Enduro loop.

At 6 pm and running on a near 4-mile mountain loop for 1.5hrs it was the turn of the bigger kids to make their impression on the T100 weekend. They all did superbly as the dry and bumpy, demanding, and challenging circuit tested their little abilities to the max.

Top Rider overall was Kit Szazbo (Husky) on 11 laps, winning the 11/12 group whilst he was at it. Runner Up in that group was Stefan Richardson (Husky) a lap down on 10 laps. 3rd spot went to Ashley Hand with another solid and smooth ride on his Kawasaki.

Charlie Crossland on his immaculate Kawasaki 85 was top 13/14-year-old and his smooth style suite the terrain as he pushed his nearest challenger, the always hard charging, Colby Moorcroft into the Runners up spot with both riders on 11 laps. Scot Sprowson secured 3rd place.

In the 9/10 years group it was the Terrible Twins, Ronny and Reggie Ireland that topped the group on their matching KTM 85’s. Luke was the Victor by 49 seconds come the end with both riders on a very creditable 10 laps. Sonny as the Runner Up had led the class but lots of mistakes saw him loose and catch his brother over 4 times in the 1.5hrs with the final spoils going into the chequered flag. Jack Brooks on his Husky was as always committed and flat out to achieve his 9 laps and is still suffering with a sore shoulder.

Finally, over in the 7/8’s Liam Dobbing was a lap ahead in the group on 8 laps from Jack Wade and Riley Patterson. All 3 of the little wheeled riders doing superb to battle the unforgiving Welsh mountainside.

Again under Police and authority scrutiny the competitors, families and the WOR team did an amazing job of keeping all running smooth and everyone enjoying themselves.


ADULTS LAP TIMES:https://worevents.com/images/uploads/general/MICHELIN_T100_CLASS_LAPTIMES.htm

KIDS LAPTIMES:https://worevents.com/images/uploads/general/KIDS_T100_LAPTIMES.htm

DOC WARD PICS:https://www.doc-photography.com/Events/Tough-100-2020