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WES RD 1 2019 – BADEN HALL - MARCH 2019

Report: Keith Williams

Pictures: Doc Ward


“WOR Events launched their new 2019, 11 round, Enduro series last Sunday at Baden Hall with a 2hr Hare Scramble in some very tricky and muddy conditions, just like last year, same venue, same time of year but without as much snow!! 

As the UK weather put paid to most events around the country, the vastly experienced WOR team knew that with the right provisions in place and plenty of planning and direction the weekend could go ahead as planned and mother nature would not halt the opening round of the WOR Enduro Series and with over 500 riders booked in for the weekend there where a lot of riders ready and waiting to get their seasons started.

Saturday went off fine as the weather was quite kind and the enduro playday practice sessions ran smoothly, overnight rain though was relentless, and it poured down to leave Sundays race conditions tricky to say the least. This however is Enduro and is the one sport involving off road motorcycles that takes place no matter what the weather and events like this one at Baden are a proper showcase for off road riders to show their skills, metal and determination.

Each rider that took to the start line showed they were ready for battle especially the kids that started the day off. The Tiny Auto’s where first on the track in a 1 hr race from 8.30am. These riders where true off-road warriors as they battled the course and conditions. The 3 stand out riders of the race and the podium places went to 1st place, Ceri Williams on 14 laps whom was in unstoppable form and seemed to enjoy every minute of the 1 hr race as he blasted the wet conditions on his little auto 50 completing 14 laps on his way to victory. Runner Up was Curtis Mealham on a brilliant 13 laps with James Attard on 12 laps in 3rd place. These are really young kids and their efforts where fantastic. The addition of the AUTO class into the WES series is a brilliant one and the rest of the race swill be something to look forward to indeed.

The bigger kids then took to a bigger, modified lap for their 1.5 hr race that started at 10am. There were 50 kids lined up for the challenge and again each one of these did superb to tackle the conditions. Leading home the 7/8 Yr old group was Gruff Morgan, despite some last lap bike problems, he still managed to be quick enough to win the group by 5 minutes from Runner Up, Jack Brooks whom matched the 9 laps of Gruff. On 8 laps in 3rd spot was Harry Jordan going well in the Staffordshire mud.

9/10yrs group honours went to the flying Jayden Jones, in fact taking a brilliant 2nd overall and once again showing the skills on the number 199 bike that really stand out. Jones was on 18 laps. Runner Up on 15 laps was Yamaha Mounted William Barnett and in 3rd spot it was late entry, Dayton Thompson on a solid 12 laps score.

11/12YRS Victory and the event Overall went to Jaydon Wescott with a brilliant ride and not least after a hell of a battle with Lewis Hurdsman. Hurdsman was the event overall leader for most of the race until disaster struck and his chain broke, he eventually finished 5th as Wescott blasted ahead at the front. Runner Up was Jake Willis with Nathan Tebay in 3rd spot these riders on 16 and 15 laps respectively.

Billy Austin won the 13/14YRS category from Ryan Maudsley and Lewis Taylor with the top two riders completing 17 laps each and Tyalor on 16.

The kids had a nice presentation ceremony and the WOR team did some extensive course changes to bring in the big 6-mile lap for the adults to blast out at 12.30 for their 2hr race.

The main race was planned to be a 2.5hr race, a Hare and Hounds length format for this first round of the WES but Race Boss Steve Ireland pulled it to a 2hr Hare Scramble and with the conditions being what they where it was a great call as 2hrs on this course was certainly going to challenge the riders.

GASGAS UK rider Gethin Humphreys made it 3 wins in a row in his last 3 WOR races as he blasted the 300 2t to a start to finish win and looked every bit the Mud master, even breaking his front mudguard off after lap 4 didn’t seem to slow him down as pulled to a win over his closest rival, and that closest rival usually is and was, You guessed it.. His slightly older brother Owain (husk 350) and WOR’s 2018 overall champion. Gethin seems to be really at home on the 300 GasGas and with him onboard the bike it is effortlessly chewing up and spitting out whatever terrain or riders are in his and its way, nice to watch and nice to listen too as the 2t is on the pipe carving a line. The only rider Matching the 2 Humphreys Bros on 8 laps was Husky Mounted Lee “Stan” Edmondson riding on Billy Bolts number 57 bike, the Factory Husky mechanic for Mr Bolt, rode brilliantly and was only 1 minute and 15 seconds adrift of Owain at the end of 2 and a quarter hour of racing.

The new Expert B class was a success for WOR too as a quality line up blasted off for their battle, The Exp B’s is the group for riders that are too good for Clubman and cant run with the super doper boys at the front and it really gives a great opportunity to move out of the Clubman class and progress with still a trophy to challenge for. Top EXP B was Josh Kirby with Paul Engerlen and Ben Martindale in 2nd and 3rd spot respectively. All 3 riders completing 7 laps and would have been mid pack in the Experts but big winners in the Clubman, thus showing Steve’s introduction of the EXP B’s is an inspired choice.

Tim Forman has now moved into the Exp Vets and this will be a game changer for this class as he will take some beating, Tim dominated the group from lap 1 and took a comfortable win from Runner Up, Neil Croston with Darren Skillin just behind in 3rd spot. 

Clubman victory was sweet for Ieuan Brooks as managed to keep the ankle biting Youngsters Sion Hughes and Jamie Williams at bay, but only just as Young Jamie had led from start to almost finish but a last lap drama in the final woods section put paid to his top step podium place and allowed Brooks and Hughes, whom where never far away through for the glory. All 3 riders where the only riders in class to complete 7 laps each.

Titus Blackwell is a rider in top form at the moment in the Over 40’s as he made the trip from Surrey a worthwhile one as he was the only rider in class to hit the 7 laps score line. Second Over 40 was Jason Clarke with Steve Norbury matching him on 6 laps and an exact minute behind him in 3rd spot.

Waggy in that Over 50 class is again going to be the man to beat this year as Chris blasted to the win, a clear 11 minutes ahead of Runner Up, Mark Plain with Gareth Jones in 3rd spot. All 3 doing 6 laps each and tackling the conditions well.

Max Eilledge and Seimon Davies where both on 6 laps each and 1st and 2nd respectively in the Sportsman class. 3rd place went to Tom Walker on 5 laps.

Top Lady rider was Megan Wilson with a brilliant 5 laps to push Annabelle Brewster and Wendy Ellis Smith into the other podium placings.

Sam Hughes move dup from Kids Youth to adult Youth and won superbly with 5 laps to his credit. Runner Up was Cameron Games with Edward Elkin in3rd spot.

Finally, the top Novice rider was Leon Pemberton and Mark Nuttall took sencond spot with James Short taking the final podium place.

The WES 2019 kicked off with a muddy bang and looks like it is going to be superb year ahead for the riders and racers of the WOR Events.

WOR would like to thank everybody involved in the running of the events and as always most importantly the riders for taking part and supporting the events, no matter what mother nature throws at us.!!!

Round 2 of the WES is in 2 weeks’ time at the always popular Maeshafn in Mold, Nr Chester. The TINY WARRIORS return there too on the Saturday morning. Entries are already filling up fast for that event online at www.worevents.com/events

RESULTS :https://worevents.com/images/uploads/general/ameded_wes_WES_RD_1_WOR_EVENTS_BADEN_HALL_ADULT_AND_YOUTH_RESULTS.xlsx

PICS: https://docward-photography.smugmug.com/Events/Baden-Hall-March-2019