25 February 2021 by 002

Here is a provisonal list of dates for the remainder of the year ahead..

All being well..

Venues .. including a couple Brand new gems.. will be announced soon and nearer the dates..

As stated before there will be a JUNIOR ENDURO SERIES championship but the adult ones are stand alone events.

We may however run a 5 round summer championship for adults.

Here you go.. * subject to change and moving ..extra dates also

APRIL          3/4th  & 17/18th    (4th and 18th kids rd 1 & 2)

MAY            1/2nd & 15/16th & 29/30th  (2nd & 16th kids rd 3 & 4)

JUNE          12/13th & 26/27th     (13th 27th  Kids rds 5 & 6)

JULY           3/4th & 17/18th        (4th & 18th kids 7 & 8)

AUGUST     7/8th & 14/15th   

SEPT          4/5th & 18/19th   19th (kids 9th rd final.. best 8 to count)

OCT           2/3rd & 16/17th 

NOV          TBA

DEC          TBA